Our signature Hawkridge London Dry Gin is an embodiment of Victorian opulence, extravagance and discovery, laced with the ‘Language of the Flowers’, used by Victorians to express feelings of love and friendship.

Our delicious Victorian-inspired recipe contains fresh, hand-picked botanicals, a mix of both floral and herbal which could all be found in a traditional grand Victorian garden in the late 19th Century.

This is a well-balanced, complex and smooth London Dry with a viscous mouthfeel that is a joy to drink – just add plenty of ice and a premium tonic.



LONDON DRY GIN, 42% Alc. 70cl.

Three years in development, our flagship gin is as exceptional on the inside as it is on the outside. Hawkridge London Dry has been created using a beautiful blend of floral and herbal botanicals, all popular in the British Victorian era.

Its complex and well-balanced flavour comes through beautiful forward notes of rich citrus, fragrant herbs and honey followed by a lasting floral note. This beautiful gin is carefully created over a three step process.


Delicate botanicals such as lavender and blackcurrant leaf are infused into a botanical “tea” which is then strained into our still prior to distillation.  The core botanicals are macerated and distilled in the still throughout the distillation process.  Finally, we add subtle tones from other floral botanicals in the infusion basket prior to collecting the “nectar” which then becomes Hawkridge Gin.”


Hawkridge Blue with Award 2



LONDON DRY GIN, 42% Alc. 70cl.

Our new Hawkridge London Dry Victorian Aphrodisiac Blend is a beautiful Victorian-era-inspired gin like no other. Distilled at our wonderful rural home in Compton, Berkshire, it is inspired by Hawkridge House, a Victorian manor in the Berkshire countryside, and the Victorian “Language of Flowers”. This gin is brimming with delicious floral tones and was launched exclusively in the February 2022 Craft Gin Club subscription box.


This delicious gin is made with thirteen key botanicals: Juniper, coriander, angelica, lemon peel, orange peel, meadowsweet, lemon verbena, rosemary, mint, lavender, jasmine, rose petals and honey.




To achieve a perfectly balanced flavour we use a three-part process.

We start by creating a tea, with some of the more delicate botanicals being macerated in neutral grain spirit for 48 hours. This process extracts natural oils and compounds and avoids the botanicals being affected by heat in the still, preserving their delicate flavours and viscosity.

We strain these botanicals and add the resulting liquid to the still where our juniper, coriander and citrus are also soaking before the distillation starts.

During the distillation, to add a final layer of complexity to the flavour we add some of the fresh botanicals such as mint and lemon verbena to the infusion basket. We hope you can taste the care and craft that goes into every drop of our delicious gin.

Hawkridge Team

Left to Right: James Gurney, Phil Howarth, Robin Horrex


For James, Phil and Robin, this hasn’t been a quick journey. Despite combining all our expertise from successful careers in publishing, management consulting and brand marketing respectively – there is still much to learn and we have no intention of stopping learning any time soon!

We researched numerous methods and techniques, made many gin friends, found ourselves foraging for botanicals, reading all the books and even getting qualifications in distilling along the way. We also found a great use for the honey from our beehives!

We are now happy to be sharing our award-winning, expertly crafted, unique creations with the world.

Our focus is on creating distinctive spirit brands, sumptuous flavours and making them totally and utterly irresistible – both in looks and in flavour.

We hope you will enjoy drinking our creations as much as
we enjoy making them

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